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 Resources for Clients

(who are engaged in energy psychotherapy - or for those seeking techniques for self-help)



True healing involves a growth in consciousness, an opening in awareness and a return to oneself. Everything else is symptom relief. The Tao of Homeopathy, by Ian Watson

[Scroll down for the videos - [1] Relief from anxiety, stress and depression; [2] Relief from sleep difficulties; [3] Relief from Generalized Anxiety;  [4] Relief from Social Anxiety]


Whilst work with the PEP therapist can provide  depth and precision that is not easily attained by oneself, the use of additional self-care energy procedures can be of definite value - and can help to sooth and diminish the intensity of any distress that emerges following a PEP session. The session with the therapist will often clear all the distress that can be accessed at the time - but when a space is created within the mind-body-energy matrix, other layers of conflict and distress may emerge into that space. This is part of the process of working through the layers and multiple aspects of the problem that brings a client to seek help.


Relief from anxiety, stress, and depression - a gift from the energy fields
A video session with Phil Mollon

Relief from anxiety, stress, and depression

Some well-established meridian tapping (or holding and breathing) sequences for different emotional states (originally discovered  by Dr Callahan) are as follows:


Since there are often psychological reversals organised against releasing the stress or anxiety, it may be helpful to begin each tapping sequence as follows:



Energy Psychology, to assist those who experience difficulty falling asleep

Relief from sleep difficulties

Emotional Freedom Techniques [EFT] - a simplified derivative of Thought Field Therapy, developed by Gary Craig - is a very popular self-care tool for dealing with distress. Gary Craig's own free manual, tutorial, and information-rich website is available here. Another excellent manual, closely based on Gary Craig's original material is also available: Click



My modified collar bone breathing technique is soothing and effective at relieving stress:



Energy psychology for generalised anxiety
a video to relieve generalised anxiety

Relief from generalized anxiety

Comprehensive stress relief technique

This begins with the collar bone breathing technique, then moves on to a derivative of Eden and Feinstein's 'crown pull', combined with a meridian sequence for trauma and anxiety. Here is what to do:


Relieving social anxiety with energy psychology
A discussion of factors involved in social anxiety, and an energy tapping sequence to relieve this


Relief from Social Anxiety

Lung Meridian Breathing.

This is very simple and often remarkably effective.


Cross tapping

If the above techniques do not work for you, try the following exercise first. It is designed to correct homolateral energy flow - a common energetic condition that will prevent stress being released.

Then try any of the above exercises again.


Energy Visualisation Exercise

The Energy Visualisation Exercise [EVE], listed elsewhere on this website, can also be useful for discharging stress: click


Tapas Acupressure Technique [TAT]

Tapas Fleming's TAT is widely used, is supported by research, and in essence is very simple. It is a truly inspired gift. Click here for the TAT website, where you can obtain a free e booklet How to do TAT - or visit





Obviously, the techniques listed here are not a substitute for professional help - and are not intended as a treatment for any medical disease or condition.